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Set in java

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  Set is the child interface of Collection. It is introduced in the java 1.2 version. If our requirement is to represent a group of individual objects in a single entity, where insertion order is not preserved and duplicate is also not allowed then we can use set. Set Interface doesn’t contain any new methods ….  Read More

Java Vector

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Vector Vector is a part of the Java Collection framework since the java 1.2 version. It is implements the List interface, It is found in the java.util package. Vector is the best choice if our frequent operation is retrieval operation. SO if we are want to search and get data from the list then Vector is ….  Read More

Java List Interface

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  Introduction List Interface is the child interface of collection. The List interface is present in java.util package. When we want to represent a group of individual objects in a single entity, where duplicates are allowed and insertion order preserved. Then we should go for the list interface. In List Interface insertion Order is preserve ….  Read More

Collection Interface

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  Introduction: When we are representing a group of individual objects in a single entity then we should go for Collection Interface. Collection interface is the root interface of  collection framework. Collection framework holds all the collection classes and interfaces. Collection interface defines the most common methods which are applicable for any collection object. The ….  Read More

Java Inner Classes

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Introduction Inner class means a class is declared inside another class that type of class is called inner classes. Inner classes introduced in 1.1 version as part of “EventHandling” to resolve GUI bugs. Inner classes are very powerful features and also so many benefits that’s why nowadays programmers start using regular coding.     Without ….  Read More

Java Garbage Collection

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Introduction: In old languages like C/C++ programmer is responsible for both the creation and destruction of objects. Usually, programmers are taking very much care while creating objects and neglect the destruction of useless objects. Due to his negligence at a certain point of time for the creation of a new object if sufficient memory may ….  Read More

Classloaders in java

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Java ClassLoader The Java ClassLoader is a part of the (JRE)Java Runtime Environment that dynamically loads Java classes into the (JVM)Java Virtual Machine at run time. Java ClassLoader is an abstract class. It belongs to java.lang package. Java classes aren’t loaded into memory all at once, but when required by an application at that time, ….  Read More

Exception in Java

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Introduction: Exception: An exception is an unwanted or unexpected event, that disturbs the normal flow of the program i.e at run time is called an exception.   It is highly recommended to handle exceptions so that the program terminates normally. The main objective of exception handling is graceful (normal) termination of the program.   What ….  Read More